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Emergency Service

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Premier Electrical Systems offers 24-Hour & Emergency Electrical Services for commercial and residential customers.

💡 Are your lights out?
💡 Are the lights flickering or flashing?
💡 Are electrical wires exposed?
💡 Is an outlet smoking?

An estimated 50,000 household electrical fires occur each year in the US with over $1 Billion in property damage. Don’t delay repairing your faulty electrical wiring, call us today at 443-506-9386!

⚠️ Possible sources of electrical fires include:

  • Wiring and related equipment (63%)
  • Lamps, light fixtures, and light bulbs (20%)
  • Cords and plugs (11%)
  • Transformers and power supplies (6%)

So when in doubt, give us a call day or night! Whether it is just an inconvenience or a potential source of danger, Premier Electrical Systems will solve all your electrical problems fast, affordably and professionally.